Urban Mud

Urban Mud is an independent business focused on providing quality and creating valuable relationships with growers and customers alike. Located in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, siblings Christine and Scott Davenport began their coffee company in 2012 with the goal of doing things differently than others. Working together they have a passion for creating a space for coffee that stands above the rest.

In a large city like Chicago, coffee shops are scattered throughout every neighborhood. With a strong desire for quality as well as a family bond, Urban Mud needs to reflect a contemporary identity that is unique and stands above all other coffee companies.

The overall identity revolves around the area’s industrial roots while keeping a sophisticated feel.


The logo and the deliverables should reflect the uniqueness of the company. Each should be designed in a simple way that would appeal to clientele.



Each product was designed to be easily identifiable. The coffee to-go cups are simple and recyclable.


All aspects of packaging revolve around Urban Mud’s industrial feel.

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