Green Sense Farms

Green Sense Farms is transforming agriculture with technology. Throughout 2017 I worked at their facility in Portage, Indiana as an Indoor Vertical Farmer and Production Leader.

My responsibilities included designing advertisement pieces and product packaging. In addition as Production Leader, I became responsible for creating a healthy team environment while drafting and creating food quality and safety procedures.

Plants grown in the indoor hydroponic farm were processed and packaged to be sold as live potted plants. I created display signage as well as packaging for each variety of live potted plants. One was stevia, a plant that is naturally sweet.

Microgreen Display Signage

Every product in the farm needed to have the ability to be displayed in stores.

I created signage and packaging for a variety of crops in the farm including packaged microgreens. These were sold to a variety of customers throughout Northwest Indiana including Meijer.

Green Sense Farms Informational Pieces

Obtaining new clients and partners is much easier with visually stimulating informational pieces.

One-piece I created was a crop guide, used to give clients a glance at the crops they could order from the farm.

Client Infographic Pieces

Every potential client of the farm was brought in to discuss how their company could alter their processes to be more environmentally conscious.

I created a variety of pieces including this infographic poster to show how the farm could partner with their company.

Green Sense Farms worked with other companies like Eataly in Chicago, IL. On Earth Day, Green Sense Farms was handing out free basil plants to customers that visited.

Our team worked on display signage that could be used to bring customers over to learn about the farm. I created an infographic poster alone with stickers that had the labels, “Plant one” and “Eat one” to promote sustainable agriculture on Earth Day.

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