36 Days of Type

36 Days of Type is a project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to give their particular view on the signs from the alphabet. Participants are challenged to design a letter or number for each day, resulting in an overall view about the ability to represent the same sign from different perspectives.

This is my 36 Days of Type.


A is for Angles, lots of angles. Day 1 of 36

B is for Bloom, if only the flowers were in bloom. Day 2 of 36


C is for Cacti, cool cats like cacti. Day 3 of 36


D is for Donuts, damn donuts are delicious. Day 4 of 36


E is for Electric Eel, which existing on Earth. Day 5 of 36.


F is for Fossil, forensic scientists find font fossils fascinating. Day 6 of 36.


G is for Garden, growing grand grains in the garden. Day 7 of 36.


H is for Honeycomb, healthy hives have ooey gooey honeycomb. Day 8 of 36


I is for Ice Cream, even when it is icy cold out I insist on ice cream. Day 9 of 36


J is for Jungle, if only I could watch a jaguar jogging in the jungle. Day 10 of 36


K is for Kayak, kicking in a kayak could cost you your keys. Day 11 of 36


L is for Lagoon, you’ll need to learn the latitude and longitude to find the lagoon. Day 12 of 36


M is for Mars, maybe martians munch on marshmallows on Mars. Day 13 of 36


N is for Noodles, navigating noodles is a necessary nuisance. Day 14 of 36


O is for Octopus, odd obstacles occur for orange octopi in the ocean. Day 15 of 36.


P is for Pineapple, plenty of pineapple pieces are perfect for pleasing people at parties. Day 16 of 36.


Q is for Quilt, quickly quilting in the quiet queens quarters. Day 17 of 36


R is for Robots, one radical robot reaching to test random reflexes. Day 18 of 36


S is for Sushi, sensible sailors should store soy sauce with their sushi while off sailing the seas. Day 19 of 36


T is for Tent, taking a tent traveling, underneath the treetops helps to clear my thoughts. Day 20 of 36


U is for Universe, look up underneath the night sky to uncover an unparalleled universe. Day 21 of 36


V is for Volcano, violent volcanos near a valley would not be very ideal for a vacation. Day 22 of 36


W is for Waffle, wishing for a wonderful waffle with whip cream. Day 23 of 36


X is for X-ray, extreme activities are exciting, but not if they end with an X-ray. Day 24 of 36


Y is for Yard, yesterday your yard yelled,”Drink a Yo0hoo”. Day 25 of 36


Z is for Zoo, zipping through the zig-zag maze to spot a zebra in the zoo. Day 26 of 36


0 is for Zero cookies left to eat on the cookie plate. Day 27 of 36


1 is for One bendy straw stuck in one glass of lemonade, topped with one whole lemon slice. Day 28 of 36


2 is for Two cars driving on a two-lane road, while two cacti stand and two clouds float overhead. Day 29 of 36


3 is for Three tiny three-toed sloths hanging around with hibiscus flowers. Day 30 of 36


4 is for Four feisty hens finding the feed in four nearby fields. Day 31 of 36


5 is for Five tools and five matches, two of the five items that would help you to survive if you need it. Day 32 of 36


6 is for Six sticks in a six. Day 33 of 36


7 is for Seven geese flying in a seven through seven fluffy clouds. Day 34 of 36


8 is for Eight pieces of each fruit in the shape of an eight on a fruit plate. Day 35 of 36


9 is for Nine pines growing along each of the fine lines. Day 36 of 36

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